Langzy just learned to detect your language

Until now, you had to explicitly tell Langzy the language of your source text when translating something. That’s no longer the case: we have taught Langzy to recognize the language automatically for you.

Translating with Langzy has just become easier: Langzy can now automatically detect the language of your source text!

We designed Langzy to get translation jobs done as quickly as possible. If you perform the same task several times a day, then every click matters. That’s why we’ve introduced detecting the source language of your text: this will shave off a few clicks every time you translate something.

You can activate this function by selecting “Detect language” as your source language: Select the "Detect language" source language

The detected language appears after translation: The detected language appears after translation

In the rare cases when Langzy cannot detect the source language, you can always select it manually.

We’ve been using language detect in Langzy ourselves, and it’s a game changer for us. We think it can elevate your translation productivity to new levels.

Happy translating!

May 18, 2020

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