Don’t let translation get in the way of your business

Langzy gives you access to the best online machine translation services. Translate emails, articles, reviews, or any other content in a breeze.

Langzy platform

Translation made easy

Fast and confidential translation

You can translate between more than 100 languages, and get the result in a matter of seconds. Langzy relies exclusively on private APIs to ensure confidentiality and security.

Documents with rich formatting

Langzy can translate entire documents like Word files, returning a document with the original formatting, just in a different language. No need to copy-paste individual paragraphs.

Automation via Zapier

Want to get incoming email or customer support messages translated automatically? You can wire Langzy right into your favorite web applications via Zapier.

No coding needed

Most online translators focus on programmers and provide little or no help for end users. We at Langzy are working hard to create a browser interface that is not only efficient, but also a joy to use.

A portal with the best online translators

Langzy provides a single point of access to the best online translation services. Choose the most suitable service on a per-request basis, and enjoy Langzy’s simple and easy-to-manage subscription.

Google MT Google MT
Microsoft Translator Microsoft Translator
Systran Systran
DeepL DeepL
NiuTrans NiuTrans
Kawamura NMT Kawamura NMT

Choose the right plan



per month


Office formats

Content kept for 24 hours



per month


30+ file formats

Content kept for 30 days



per month


30+ file formats

Content kept for 30 days

Automation via Zapier

Usage-based fee: Langzy manages your translation credits based on the number of characters you translate and the services that you use. You can top up your balance in different increments.

500 credits


Typically, 125,000 characters
⇒ About the length of A Tale of Two Cities.

2000 credits


Typically, 500,000 characters
⇒ About 250 long-form blog posts.

5000 credits


Typically, 1,250,000 characters
⇒ Almost half the length of War and Peace.